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The “Everyday” Jewelry

Posted on March 11 2014

Jewelry tends to have a great reputation for being glamorous, luxurious, and expensive. The average woman tends to only look for pieces when she has a special occasion, and loves to be gifted with fashionable styles by her loved ones—they don’t say “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” for nothing—but never sees the value in using these fancy jewels in her everyday life.


Big-jeweled pieces have invaded the fashion world, making women lust after simple designs in their everyday style. High-end designers have chosen to overlook this trend and instead have created blinged out bracelets, necklaces, and rings that can leave a girl overwhelmed.


Luckily, some designers have become aware of the declining trend of wearable luxe-jewelry, and are starting to deliver designs to fit this unanswered demand. Jewelry houses, like Samantha Faye, are working to change the face of this modern style. The Samantha Faye “Cities” collection combines easy luxury with stylish design that won’t break the bank. This gives modern women a great alternative to their everyday accessories by fusing seamlessly into their everyday style.


Whether you’re searching for a look for a night out, or are trying to find the perfect finishing piece for your outfit of the day, these sleek pieces are a great budget-friendly alternative.

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