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The “BFF” Necklace

Posted on March 14 2014

Remember those heart-cut–in-half  “Best Friends Forever” necklaces you use to own? It’s time to bring those back into the life of your new best buddy, your daughter.

A good mother-daughter bond can be the most influential part of a girl’s life. While growing up, having this bond reinforces good relationships with other women in your daughter’s life. A great way to keep this bond alive is through jewelry.

Matching necklaces are a great way to strengthen the mother-daughter bond, especially when given during a special occasion or event. Pick lasting pieces that will be wearable for a lifetime, like Samantha Faye’s Wishbone necklace. This quirky piece will not only bring luck to those who wear it, it will also remind your daughter of the special bond you’ve created for the rest of her life.

These fashion forward pieces are affordable, stylish, and great for any member of the family. Use these matching necklaces as a way to create a great memory with your daughter, marking her as the best friend she’ll ever have.

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