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Prom Jewelry

Posted on March 24 2014

When we think prom, jewelry is usually the last thing on our minds. Most girls focus on the dress, hair and makeup, putting little or no effort into a completer piece to finish their look. Although prom dresses are usually the main focus of a girls prom-ready look, jewelry can play a large part in giving you just the right look for a night under the stars. Here some simple rules to picking the best prom jewelry to match the dress of your dreams:


  • Size matters: Your size and shape play a big role in the jewelry you wear. For example, earrings can be used to compliment the shape of your face. Long earrings minimize the appearance of a strong jaw, while shorter earrings can be used to offset a long face.
  • Slim down & increase: Necklace size can be a lifesaver if you’re looking to draw focus away from your chest area. A large chested girl should avoid wearing chain more than 22 inches long, since a longer chain can puddle in your cleavage, creating an unflattering look. Try a shorter necklace like the Crystal Hexagon from the Samantha Faye Crystal Shapes Collection. The 18in chain will sit upwards and away from the chest, creating a flattering focal point. The opposite is true with a smaller bust; a long chain will accentuate the area and complete your look.
  • Emphasize your hands: Bracelets are a great way to bring the focus to your hands. A slim bracelet will bring the attention to your delicate digits, especially if you’re wearing a ring or two. A larger bracelet draws the eye away from your hands; so if you’re self conscious about their size or shape, opt for a thicker style instead. If you’re looking to elongate, wear rings. These will create a longer line for your arms.
  • Less is Best: Most prom dresses are chock full of sparkle, so remember to take this into consideration when accessorizing. Pick jewelry by groups: earrings and a necklace, necklace and bracelets, or bracelets and earrings. Never wear all three at once, it will overload the dress and make you look over the top.

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