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What do you get your significant other?

Posted on April 14 2014

Ok, so you’re thinking about potentially… maybe… perhaps… giving jewelry to your girlfriend, fiancé or wife this holiday. We have put together some great options and ideas to make this easy for you:

I need to spend a lot of money if I’m going to buy her jewelry, right? Nope. Jewelry comes in practically any budget. Although you could spend thousands or tens of thousands on some killer diamonds, jewelry and watches, here are some examples of some gifts for a smaller budget. A well made, beautiful piece of silver jewelry can be under $100, designer silver jewelry from can be a few hundred dollars, diamond stud earrings typically start at under $300 and diamond jewelry can be under $500 to name a few.

So how much should I spend? It depends on a bunch of factors… what jewelry will make her happy, what does she own already, have you given her jewelry before, what’s your budget, how long have you been together, etc. Here’s some advice: don’t get her jewelry unless you really think she’ll enjoy it and wear it either every day or for special occasions. If it’s going to sit in a drawer and never see the light of day, it’s not worth spending anything on it. Our other piece of advice is to think about setting the bar at an appropriate level. Don’t spend thousands of dollars if you’ve been dating for 1 week. Don’t spend $99 if you’ve been together for a year. And keep in mind that next year, you might have to raise the bar… so think carefully before you set the bar really high right now. 

I’ve decided to get her a piece of jewelry, but how do I know what kind of message I’m sending? I don’t want to send the wrong signal! Think about what you want to say and then find a gift to match that statement. For example, fashion jewelry is a great way to say “Hey, I get you, and I get your great sense of style”. How about a piece of antique or vintage jewelry? Alternatively, you can go with something that screams fun, like a watch. An anti-dress watch, that comes in only the brightest of colors, and it has zero chance of being misinterpreted as a proposal. If you want to send a more sentimental message, go with a customized, personalized piece of jewelry or something traditional like diamond stud earrings.

We’ve been dating for a while now so there’s no way I can give her a piece of jewelry… she’ll see the box and think it is an engagement ring! A valid concern but not to worry… there are plenty of ways to give jewelry without her getting her hopes up for the big one. Ask your jeweler to put your gift in a box that is much too big or oddly shaped to be a ring box, or put it in a different packaging entirely (like a Best Buy bag) to really fake her out. Another way to go is to present the jewelry in a unique, “un-boxed” way such as by wrapping a bracelet around her wine glass, putting a ring on her dessert plate or just ask to close her eyes while you fasten the pendant around her neck.

What’s hot this year? Yellow gold is back!  Also, rare and exceptional colored gemstones like Kashmir Sapphires are very hard to find and treasured by collectors. Watches continue to be huge this year. For smaller budgets, we think that silver jewelry, semi-precious gemstone jewelry and gold earrings are great choices and are sure to please.

Everybody has opinions about gift ideas for us ladies, but I’m stuck on what to get HIM for the holidays! True! Guys can be tricky but we advise to keep it simple. Manly accessories like cool cufflinks or a silver or gold link bracelet might do the trick. But most guys still want that statement watch to show he’s made it in the world. Every man still needs a nice timepiece (no, the clock on his cell phone doesn’t count in his professional world), and every time he looks at his watch, he will think of you. It doesn’t have to be a Rolex; there are plenty of cool watches at great prices that are sporty, contemporary or dressy, depending on his style.

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