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Posted on April 17 2014

Wearing big pieces of jewelry can be daunting for a lot of women. Large pieces can be excellent fashion statements and they can also be a great conversation starter. It takes confidence to wear big babbles or large stones. Remember that when you wear big jewelry pieces, you will get some attention whether you want it or not.

The bigger the stone, the more fake it looks

If you cannot afford the biggest of stones, you need to make sure you have the stone set in platinum, gold, or white gold. It will not break the bank and it will help appear the stone look real.

Keep it simple

Keep your ensemble simple. Let’s say you are wearing an oversized pearl necklace, then make sure the other pieces are subtler. Wearing black also looks great if you have some big coral necklace or one with black pearls.

Easy with the prints

Bold and colorful jewelry may not go well if you love wearing prints. An outfit that is too loud will scream even louder when you wear large pieces of jewelry. Let the jewelry be the center of attention with a backdrop of black, white, beige, or any solid color.

Vintage works, too

Some of the best jewelry pieces you can get can be found on vintage stores. These aged pieces can actually go for cheap say a lot about your personality.

Have fun with color

You do not have to be afraid of colorful pieces. Have fun with colors for example go daring with red or green beads. It really does not matter if the stones are real or not but the size and color will make the jewelry unique.

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