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Tips for Proper Care

Here are a few simple rules to keep your jewelry looking sparkly and clean.

Do’s: Keep your jewelry in a cool, dry place. Keep jewelry in zip-lock bags, pouches, or jewelry boxes. Keep your chain clasped – this will prevent tangling when you are not wearing the necklace.

Do Not’s: Leave jewelry in the sun. Use a toothbrush to clean. If possible, do not wear in shower, swimming or while working out. 

“Last On/First Off” Rule: Always apply make-up, perfume, hairspray and other like products and wait for them to dry before wearing your jewelry. Similarly, take off your jewelry before doing these tasks!

To Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry: Avoid jewelry cleaners or “dips” – Instead, to remove tarnish on silver, polish with a 100% cotton cloth and a non-abrasive metal cleaner. Rinse carefully and dry. You also can use tarnish prevention cloths.

To Clean Gold Plated Jewelry: Be careful when cleaning and avoid abrasive cleaning materials, which may remove the gold plated layer. Use a polishing cloth but excessive polishing will rub off the platting.

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